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The MIDLINE style door grooved in the middle of each panel, makes an impression of a solid wooden boards (app. 25 cm high). This is quite a popular style all over Europe. Standard sizes up to 6 x 2,75 meters. Any bigger size doors can be made under request.

The Wood MIDLINE door comes with a smooth, non-embossed surface, coated with natural wood looking UV proof pvc tape. Wood Midline door gives a feel of natural solid golden oak.

 smooth.jpg     rievots1.jpg      woodgrain.jpg        golden oak smooth.jpg       old oak smooth.jpg    

 smooth surface              ribbed              woodgrain        golden oak smooth  old oak smooth

These panels are available in woodgrain pattern, white RAL 9016 or painted other RAL colours available on request.


Door panels comes with full 40 mm PU insulation.


Multilayer panel surface protection:
   1 – steel,
   2 – zinc coating,
   3 – phosphate base coat,
   4-5 – polyester coating ensures unfading colors for a long time without any
        additional care,

   6 – polyurethane filament.

Door leaf comes with 10 years anti-corrosion warranty.

Hardware type R40
R40 track system comes fully preassembled with tension springs, cables and accessories. The door with R40 type hardware is very easy and fast to install. R40 door max measurements 3000 x 2500 mm.

Hardware type TL
TL track system with torsion springs provides perfect counterbalance for a sectional door of any size, or with any additional accessories installed (like pass doors or reinforcement struts).

Side doors may be provided as an additional entrance into the garage. Side doors will match the style of the garage door. Door leave is made of 40 mm PU insulated panels, includes lock, handles and door closer. Galvanized and pre-painted door frame can be made for installing in the front, inside or behind the opening.


Pass door may be installed into the sectional garage door in case there is no place to install a side door. The new low step pass door system is very convenient to walk or drive through a bicycle or scooter.